Supply service

Supplies for old crafts and reconstruction work

Hemp rope, 100% wool cloth, soap stone, horn, linen sewing thread, pure tin, beeswax, linen sail cloth, fine quality linen cloth, hemp line, fine hemp cloth, amber, cod-liver oil, plant dyes   etc. etc.

Did you ever need anything like these materials, and experienced problems obtaining them ?

At Glaipnir we have worked with old crafts and made archaeological reconstructions for many years, and over the years we have developed a network of connections to suppliers, who can deliver such hard-to-get raw materials and items.

The items on our list are selected to be relevant mainly for the viking age and early medieval period, as this is the period that we have worked most with, but if you are looking for something special, and experience difficulties getting hold of it - then try contacting Glaipnir !

We do this as a hobby to help others with an interest in reconstruction work and old crafts. This means that we do not have economic resources to finance purchases, but have to request payment in advance.

As some of our suppliers only do wholesale business, some of the textiles have to be ordered in a minimum amount of typically 30-40 meters. Some textiles, however, can be delivered in amounts down to 2-3 meters at an additional price. If you need woollen cloth in somewhat large amounts, we can arrange for special dyeing, and likewise we have contact with a celine outlet weaving workshop that can produce special textiles.

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