About the name Glaipnir

The Fenris-wolf was the offspring of Loki and the giantess Angerboda. Loke brought the wolf-pup to Asgard, where everybody was fond of it, while it was small.
However, as time went by, the wolf grew to giant size and became more and more wild, until the gods found it necessary to chain it. The gods now made an extremely strong chain of iron, called "Laeding",and put it on the wolf, who promptly broke the chain without much effort.
With much care and effort the gods then made another chain, which they named "Dromir. This chain had twice the strength of the first. The wolf now had become slightly suspicious, but as it knew that it had grown in size and strength since the first chain, it allowed the gods to put the new chain around its neck.Like the first time the chain burst as soon as the wolf flexed its muscles. The gods now felt very unsafe and contacted the subterranian dvarf-blacksmiths and bade them make a chain to hold the monster-wolf. The dvarfs were reluctant, but after a lot of pressure from the gods, they finally created a magical ribbon, which was named "GLAIPNIR". This ribbon was made of the sound from cat paws, beard fom a virgin girl, roots from mountains, bear dreams, bird spittle and fish breath, and it looked like a thin silken ribbon. The gods now brought Glaipnir to the wolf and said, that as it had taken so little efford for it to break the steel chains, it of course would be easy for it to escape from such a tiny silk ribbon. The Fenriswolf sensed magic at work, but then the gods started saying to each other, that apparently there was no reason to fear this wolf after all, as it did not even dare to put on this little silk ribbon. The wolf would not risk being named a coward and consented to let the gods bind it with Glaipnir, on the condition that one of the gods put his hand in the wolfs mouth as a pledge. The gods hesitated, but before the wolf became more suspicious the god Tyr stepped forwards and placed his hand between the jaws of the wolf. The Fenriswolf tried with all its might to break the ribbon, but the harder it struggeled, the tighter the ribbon closed around its neck, until the wolf had to give in. Then the gods started to laugh - exept Tyr, who lost his hand.

Since then Tyr has been known as the god of those who sacrifice themselves to save others.

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